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Award Winning, Attorney Reviewed Living Trust Includes House Call And Notary Service
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Alan Mendelson Interviews The Trust Pros on his "Best Buys" Show

Why The Trust Pros? The Trust Pros are the ONLY ones:
-Who include an attorney review letter with your trust.
-Who include two house calls with your bundled package.  
Who include all 6 sections of your Trust, notary service & quitclaim deed.
-To win "Best Of" awards 6 years between The LA Times and Daily News.

The Trust Pros also was awarded "People Love Us On Yelp" for 2017

In Addition To Award Winning Service:

  • We make house calls everywhere in Southern California
  • Your living trust is reviewed by an attorney
  • We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Our prices include Notarization of your living trust
Your next steps? Call for your free in-home appointment. There is no obligation.

Living Trust Or Living Will?

Why Have A Living Trust?

The answer is simple, A Living Trust prevents assets (like your home) from being seized by probate court upon your passing and is completely private.  In addition, a quality living trust provides for a smooth transition of assets upon your passing by naming beneficiaries.  Moreover, there is a reason why it's called a living trust.

If you are married, then someday one of you will be left. If you are alone and later become disabled or hospitalized, the documents included with your trust state who will have legal authority over your accounts and also who will make medical decisions until you get better.  Even better, you will have made all the complex medical decisions in advance.  The person you chose to enforce your decisions will be required to do so. If you don't name someone in advance, then the courts decide who gets this authority.  

The documents that help you when disabled are called financial and medical powers of attorney.  This again, is the "living" part of living trust. A living trust is very difficult to contest. A good trust will have a "poison pill" (and ours does), which states that anyone contesting their share or contesting the trust shall receive $1.00.  Lastly, a good living trust will name both a primary & secondary guardian for those with children under 18.

Michael Crupi, company founder, helps a client with her trust

Company Founder, Michael Crupi & His Family
"One of my witnesses who signed off is a family law attorney that also writes living trusts. He carefully reviewed it and stated it was very professional and comprehensive. He tried to find something wrong and could not."
Joe D., Alhambra, CA

"I am an attorney and have served as a trustee for a trust. They (Trust Pros) laid out all of the required steps and even followed up to make sure that everything was in order."

Dean S., Newport Beach, CA

"One thing that I appreciated form the start was Michael's willingness to come to the house.  With all I have going on, that kind of service makes the process so much easier.  He took the time to go through everything and make the complicated nuances easy to understand."
Benjamin P., Los Angeles

"My parents found The Trust Pros, and had their Living Trust completed by the company founder, Michael Crupi, in 2009. Soon after, both parents passed away within months of each other. Through the most devastating event of my life, The Trust Pros prepared all the necessary documents and helped me transfer their entire estate as prescribed in my parents trust. Since that time, I have also purchased a Living Trust from The Trust Pros. To put it bluntly, they put my life in order, and I am grateful."

Richard R., Van Nuys, CA

The Trust Pros has the highest independent rating from the Better Business Bureau's Trustlink review site. Click above to see reviews.

The Trust Pros, LLC, Legal Document Assistance, Sherman Oaks, CA

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