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Having a will

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Having a will 

A will performs one function. It just states who receives everything when you pass away. That's it. 
A will does not avoid probate when you pass away, is completely public and anyone can look it up from the court system while you are alive and after you pass.  A will can also be easily challenged in court. If your will is challenged, your assets could be frozen for years while in probate.

A living trust

A trust performs several functions. It states who you want to make financial and medical decisions in the event you are incapacitated.  This is the "living" part of living trust. A will does not state anything applicable to when you are alive. A living trust is completely private, there is no involvement of probate at all, and is very hard to contest. Your assets are passed to heirs from a trust quickly and its all completely private. As mentioned earlier, think of the trust as a complete contingency plan for your life. 

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